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Most people think of landscape design as strictly pertaining to flowers, trees, and other plants; however, hardscaping – the placement of all nonplant elements, such as patios, walkways, pavers and outdoor lighting – is an integral part of creating a successful design.

To plan and install a hardscape design that you can marvel at for years to come, you need a design team that truly understands what goes into creating hardscaping designs that last. With our team’s years of experience, we consider a number of factors before developing a design to suite your tastes, including:

  • Consider the entire landscape. Even if you are only addressing one portion of the space at the moment, our team considers the area as a whole before making suggestions. This way, any further development down the road will not be affected by previous installations.
  • Address drainage issues. Hardscaping can alter the natural (and engineered) drainage of your yard, and if not addressed at the beginning, has the potential to ruin your design.
  • Choose balanced elements. Whether working with natural stone, brick and mortar, or paving stones, our hardscapes always integrate naturally into the design to give your yard an effortless feel to it.

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