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Landscape Design

Taylor Landscape Design specializes in top-quality residential landscape design, providing comprehensive landscape design consultation services for a range of creative solutions. Partner with Taylor Landscape Design to create a plan for the design and engineering of your or your client’s outdoor space. From the design of hardscapes, ponds & watergardens, outdoor structures and landscaping, to stormwater management techniques. View our gallery to find inspiration for your next backyard, front yard, or garden design project.

Many landscape contractors lack the experience to develop landscape design plans that increase in value throughout the years. Our talented team is knowledgeable in all aspects of high-quality landscaping design, including:

Hardscapes. To create a hardscape design that you can marvel at for years to come, you need a design team that truly understands what goes into creating designs that last, including: considering the entire landscape, addressing drainage issues, and choosing balanced elements.

Ponds & Water Gardens. Ponds, waterfalls, and streams act as strong focal points for your yard, which is why things like location, views, and proximity to other elements all factor into your overall design. Adding natural stone and water foliage can enhance the relaxation aspect of your new space. Additionally, these amazing landscape features oftentimes attract natural wildlife.

Water Management. To protect the value and usability of your property from water damage, we create stormwater management plans designed to capture excess water, transport it away from your home, and have it safely dispersed. Our water management designs provide solutions for many common drainage issues, including: excess water in yard, driveway, planter areas and walkways, downspout runoff, runoff from a neighbor's property, and water entering a basement or crawl spaces.

Outdoor Living Spaces & Structures. Practical can still be beautiful with Taylor Landscape Contractors. Whether your taste is rustic or modern, simple or intricate, our design team can create the perfect piece for your landscape. Adding arbors, trellises, pergolas or sitting areas not only add functionality to your outdoor area, but also creates an environment in which you can relax.

Taylor Landscape Contractors provides you with creatively designed landscapes that are functional while also adding value to your property value that increases over time.

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