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Landscape Design Services

Whether you are looking for a full-service landscaping company, or simply need a landscape design to bring to an outside contractor, Taylor Landscape Contractors is here to help.

Our landscape design process begins with a personalized consultation, assessing your needs and becoming familiar with your design preferences. Years of hands-on experience, in addition to numerous landscaping awards and certifications, allow our team to make expert recommendations that will ensure your design continues to look beautiful from season-to-season and year-after-year.

Many landscape contractors lack the experience to develop landscape design plans that increase in value throughout the years. Our talented team is knowledgeable in all aspects of high-quality landscaping design, including:

  • Plant Selection and Placement. Our suggestions are crafted based on your preferences and include the ideal specimens for your specific location and property environment.
  • Bloom Schedules and Growth Rates. We expertly design landscapes with strategic placement and arrangement that allow your property to look exquisite and cohesive throughout each growing cycle (even in the winter months).
  • Moisture and Sunlight Needs. Based on the moisture and light conditions of your landscape, we offer options that will thrive in your natural setting and distinct property's characteristics.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces. Whether for outdoor entertaining, patio grilling, or just relaxing under a covered pergola, a well-designed outdoor living space can easily become your new favorite "room."

Taylor Landscape Contractors provides you with creatively designed landscapes that are functional while also adding value to your property value that increases over time.

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